New “EDS” (Enhanced DNS Service) adopted by Barbero & Associates Ltd

At Barbero & Associates, we are dedicated – since its inception in 2000 - to continuously enhance our services to ensure a seamless and secure experience for all our customers. In August 2023 we have introduced an important further upgrade to our infrastructure that has additionally increased the protection against possible Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and further improved the performance of our DNS responses.

We have upgraded all our customers' DNS infrastructure from five unicast name servers agreed upon – which have duly performed for over twenty years - to a new “EDS” (Enhanced DNS Service), based on two anycast nameservers, distributed on two different and independent clouds, at no additional cost for our preferred clients. These anycast nameservers consist of more than 50 anycast nodes, strategically distributed across various locations worldwide as per scheme hereinafter.

Anycast Map

Anycast is a cutting-edge technology that enhances the resilience of a network and significantly mitigates the impact of possible DDoS attacks. By implementing these Anycast services, we can even more efficiently distribute incoming traffic across multiple servers, enabling us to handle larger volumes of requests and offering improved protection against possible malicious attacks. These new technical solutions that we have decided to implement, ensure that your services will remain available and fully responsive, even during possible attack situations.

We have also introduced our “PDS” (Premium DNS Service) plan which takes your DNS security and performance to an unprecedented level for our structure. With the “PDS” option, you are guaranteed complete isolation from any potential attacks on other domains maintained by Barbero & Associates Network. In the event of a zone being targeted by a DDoS attack, the performance of your domain name remains substantially unaffected, ensuring the best possible seamless functioning of your online services.

The PDS options offers to our clients a dedicated set of two anycast nameservers based on two different IP addresses on over 50 nodes and also exclusively branded with your own domain name. This option further reinforces your online identity and strengthens your brand presence online, providing you with a tailor-made reporting system, also available on-line.

We understand the paramount importance of security and performance for your online business, and we firmly believe that the PDS option would provide the ultimate solution for large entities like the majority of our clients. While the EDS Protection is an upgrade that we have opted to offer to all the existing preferred customers, we encourage all our customer to consider the advantages of our Premium DNS Service plan when choosing the right level of protection for your business.

To upgrade your account to the "PDS" level or for any further inquiries, please contact our 24/365 dedicated customer support team at [email protected].  We will be delighted to assist you

We highly value your continued trust in our cutting-edge services and remain firmly committed to providing you with the highest level of protection. We will reflect this further amelioration of our services also in the terms and conditions online and upon renewal of our agreement. With our upgraded infrastructure and the implementation of Anycast services, you can have complete confidence that your online presence will remain strong, secure, and resilient.